Services and CBT

First contact

I will offer a free short telephone call to briefly discuss treatment and whether it is appropriate for your needs. I’ll try to answer any questions you might have. If from this call you want to go ahead we will book our first appointment.

If you do not wish to speak by phone you can get in touch by email.

First session

The first session will be an assessment session. This is where we discuss what you feel your main difficulties and problems are and how CBT might help you overcome these. I am aware that for many people meeting someone who they do not know and discussing how they feel can be difficult and therefore I attempt to create a safe and comfortable environment and the session will be at your pace.

I will also help guide the first session by asking some questions about how you feel to help us understand whether CBT might be helpful to you.
The first session and all subsequent sessions will last 50 minutes.

Therapy sessions

The number of therapy sessions needed will depend upon the difficulties you are experiencing. The number of sessions can vary from between 6-20. The number of sessions is based on research evidence which indicates how many sessions are needed for certain problems. On the first session I will advise you how many sessions we are likely to need based upon the research evidence and then you can decide how to take this forward.
The sessions can be on a weekly or fortnightly basis depending on your needs .